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2012 Hoyt Carbon Element RKT Bow.2012 Hoyt Carbon Element RKT Bow

Hoyt's award-winning, revolutionary carbon bows have set new technology and performance benchmarks in worldwide archery. Ask anyone who has shot one – there's nothing like them. But, as you know, Hoyt engineers are never content to sit back on their laurels. Ever. So, we proudly bring you the all-new 2012 Carbon Element RKT. Powered by the rocket-fast RKT™ cam. Yes, this is a hot cam. And yes, it's easy to draw. The reason? RKT cam features our new ErgoDraw™ Technology, which adjusts the cam profile to draw much more smoothly. The RKT cam powers the 32" Element RKT to a true 330 FPS while retaining a forgiving brace height. The Element RKT features the latest generation of Hoyt's proven, super-tough, patent pending hollow carbon tube riser design, our new Inner Race Bearing In-Line Roller Guard System, new lightweight, low-profile Pro Lock X-Lite™ pocket, high-performance 5-Layer Laminated XTS PRO ARC limbs and more. Carbon Element RKT pushes the limits once again – just as you knew we would.

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